In this new age of computers, in order to make it, an online presence is almost deemed mandatory. Switching your business to an online business is called “digital transformation“. Many people can start small. Just the use of social media is a step in the right direction. There are people who do not want to share with the world their personal information or don’t care to have/let others have access to information around the clock. When it comes to business though, it can mean the difference between making and breaking your company, and I believe the longer you wait, the better chance your company will have to break. The younger generations are going to adapt to this much easier, but the necessity for the older generation is just as great.

Facebook offers a business page that you can create, for free nonetheless. Instagram is in the same boat.  After setting each up, which could take a bit of time depending on your current knowledge of them, you could spend a mere ten minutes a day posting to different social media platforms and it is free marketing. It could be a quip about the days’ services you provided, the customers’ reaction to the performance of the job, or plans for the next day. Simple things to start with to get the information out there to begin the “digital transformation” will be a massive help in the long run. There are also free apps that you can link social media profiles and websites all in one spot and then put that link in your bio information.  Let’s not forget we have digital business cards too, this one I knew would come but didn’t know it was here and doing as well as it already is.

The moral of the story is to just get started. Get out there and spread the information. Do a good job performing your job. A litany of repeating repetitions will no doubt push you in the direction you are wanting to go.